Frequently Asked Questions

We currently offer Dealer’s License in Florida.

We assist individuals in getting there Own Dealer’s License. This process will include there own LLC or Corporation formed in the state of FL and GA. We assist with obtaining the bond and insurance for the individual.

Typically we are able to set you up within 10-14 business days.

Yes! You are able to obtain a Dealer License from any state and start conducting business.

NO experience is needed! We will provide you with an experienced representative who will train you in every aspect of the job to ensure you are successful.

Normally around $10,000 is needed. Most dealerships cost around $1200-$2500 per month. As a member you will ONLY be responsible for monthly membership fees and we will take care of the rest.

If you are interested in obtaining your own dealers license we have a list of companies to help you with your needs. Please call us to obtain more information about these companies.

You are allowed to have business partners.

There are NONE. You will however be responsible for fees that you accrue which can include auction fees, paperwork fees, etc.

YES! You will rent the property from us and obtain your Dealer License from the state of FL or GA!

YES! If you add anyone to your Dealer’s License as a representative you will be responsible for that individual since this is your Dealership.

NONE, our experienced staff will help you with ever step to ensure this process is easy!

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